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The Revolutionary Product For Direct And Transfer Printing
The innovative SUBLIMIS range provides a go-to solution for sublimation printing.

Previously, sublimation printing on to coated media for backlits led problems due to a phenomenon known as ink mkigration whereby, after printing, the ink tended to migrate to areas on the substrates where it shouldn't causing disastrous results.

With SUBLIMIS, ink migration is a thing of the past and you can use sublimation technology to hit the very best possible white point and deliver the punchy colours that only coated media can provide.

The benefits of sublimis

  • No Ink Migration
  • Non Stick
  • Image Quality
  • Stunning White Point
  • Very Light
  • Excellent Light Diffusion

Product Characteristics

Base Coated Woven Polyster
Weight 130 gr/m2 (3,83 oz/yd2)
Fire Retardent M1 & B1 in process
Widths 3,10 m (soon 5m)
Inks Dye Sub Transfer, Dye Sub Direct
Application: Indoor Backlit Displays